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You could save up to £390 a year by comparing and switching your gas and electricity

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Protect yourself against further energy price increases

2018 had the most energy price rises on record

In 2018 there were 57 price increases in total, compared to just 15 during the previous year.
An average of £74 was added to an annual dual fuel bill.

Why Choose UK Experts Online?

We have saved over 500,000 people money on their energy bills over the last 5 years and now is the right time to switch your energy bills to a cheaper supplier! With 5.4 million homes in fuel poverty, and with energy prices having risen by 42% (or £381) since 2008, now is the time to take action and find ways to bring your energy bills down!

Compare Energy Suppliers

Comparing energy suppliers is a no brainer – it’s simple, doesn’t take long, and you could end up saving hundreds. Our free and impartial comparison service here at Money Expert is easy to use – all you need is your postcode and details of your current tariff (don’t worry if you don’t know exact details, we can generate estimates).

The whole process only takes a couple of minutes and at the end, we’ll show you a list of the available tariffs in your area, along with the amount you’d save if you switched. You’ll also be able to see customer ratings for each supplier, so you’ve got all the information you need to work out which one to switch to.

Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to switch is your address and details of your current tariffs. If you don’t have a bill to hand then don’t worry, you can get estimated savings based on the size of your household but be warned that they won’t be as accurate as the calculations based on your actual usage.
The most obvious reason to switch energy supplier is that it could save you hundreds of pounds every year. Many households in the UK are stuck on expensive, standard tariffs and could enjoy massive savings by switching. Even if you’ve switched recently, it’s always worth looking at new deals regularly as prices change so often that the likelihood is, you could save by switching again.
Many gas and electricity suppliers offer discounts for customers that purchase both their forms of energy through them. These types of deals are known as dual fuel deals and they can be a great way to save money on your gas and electricity. However these deals aren’t always the cheapest, it often depends on what type of energy user you are and what energy requirements you have. This means that it is important for you to carry out a price comparison. If you do this, then you’ll be better placed to find a plan that suits you and that can also save you money on your gas and electricity supply.
We do all the hard work for you. Once you’re application is submitted, you’ll begin a two week cooling period, during which you can cancel your request if you change your mind. Following this, your new and old suppliers will communicate, you’ll be given details of any outstanding fees you owe your previous supplier (if any), and then your new supplier will send you a welcome pack with details of an agreed switching date.
If you are on a prepayment meter then you can still save yourself money on gas and electricity by running an energy price comparison on our website. There are plenty of companies out there that offer cheap prepayment tariffs, we can help you find them. Alternatively if you want to switch from a prepayment meter to a standard meter then we can help talk you through the process. Prepayment meters are not the most efficient way to pay for your energy, they often charge much higher rates per unit. Have a look at our guides section to find out more about how you can switch.
Many people are becoming more environmentally aware, if this is the case for you, then we can also help you find the best green energy deals. There are many great deals on green energy that will offer you the chance to receive all of your energy from renewable, low carbon sources. We will not only show you which of these green gas and electricity deals are the most competitively priced, but we can also show you how each company produces their energy and also what each company has scored in its customer satisfaction ratings. This means you can be sure that you’ll find the best green energy deal to suit you.
You could save up to £390 a year by comparing and switching your gas and electricity