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Reviewing your pension regularly is very important but it is often wise to consult an FCA regulated financial advisor.

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  • Merging all pensions into one can yield much better rewards than stand alone pension funds

  • Get a free pension health check and ensure your pension is working for you

  • Taking cash out of a pension can have tax implication
  • Ensure you get the best advice on this

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Trusted Partner

Pension Works

Our Partner Pension Works, make sure your pension is working hard and helping to deliver the comfortable retirement you deserve.

Whether you’re an experienced investor, or this is the first time you’ve thought about checking your pension funds, our friendly and expert team of pension professionals will deliver advice that will always be in your best financial interests.

Services Provided

The HealthCheck
A free, no obligation Pension HealthCheck from Pension Works provides a thorough insight into current charges, past performance and assesses whether there are more suitable pensions aligned to your requirements.
The Retirement Planning
Our financial advisers can help you to put a retirement plan together, that could help you to achieve the comfortable retirement you desire. We will help to guide you on how much to save, what you can expect when you retire and outline what are your best options when taking funds.
The Defined-Benefit Review
Our Defined-Benefit (DB) Review service will assess the suitability of your. Defined-Benefit/Final Salary pension and whether it is in your best interests to transfer your pension.
Trust Pilot
The thorough Defined Benefit transfer and drawdown plan was well explained and the assessment, forecast and transfer was dealt with efficiently over a number of months until I was 100% clear on every detail and implications.

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