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  • Access to tax free lump sum cash to spend how you wish
  • You can pay off an existing interest only mortgage
  • You maintain 100% ownership of your home
  • No negative equity guarantee on plans approved by the Equity Release Council
  • You can protect a percentage of your property value for your loved ones
  • You need to own your own home
  • Property needs to be in the UK
  • Minimum property value of £70,000
  • Each homeowner needs to be 55+

What is equity release?

Over the years, your home may have gone up in value. Now, if you’re a homeowner over 55, you could release some of that money – equity – tied up in your home with equity release. It’s tax free, there’s no need to downsize and the money’s yours to use however you wish.

  • Release from £10,000 to £100,000 or more
  • Make the home improvements you’ve always dreamed of
  • Pay off your debts and reduce your outgoings
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